Ngawi baby seals

Thanksgiving came and went, an overall success of a small group of friends filled to the gills with food. Since then we have had turkey and stuffing burritos for every lunch and Turkey soup twice. The fridge is still quite full, but I love the left overs.

On Saturday Chris got the urge to “get out of dodge”. Those are his words and I’m never quite sure what they mean. Well–okay–they mean he wants to get in the car and drive for a minimum of an hour one way to do something. So he looked it up, and we packed a picnic. We went to the Ngawi baby seal area with a view of the light house as well.

The first spot we tried was a little too close to this mama sized seal, who was camouflaged so we moved.

They played and splashed while we ate.

Dessert was tasty

There were quite a few people there, but nothing compared to the crowd that would have gathered in other parts of the world on a perfectly beautiful Saturday.

The lighthouse was a bit far for us to visit this time.

I was reminded of visiting the lighthouse out on Vashon island with my Aunt and cousins. We saw a baby seal then too. But Chris got in trouble for walking too close to it and taking a picture. That would ‘traumatize’ it apparently. No one said that here as everyone snapped pictures from as close as they dared. Sometimes people are just busy bodies, and the seals don’t care. Other times humans catch and kill or torture seals and they should be in trouble. Here, the seals out numbered the humans. They probably should have caught us and returned the favor.

Just to give you an idea of the area:

If you haven’t, everyone needs to go to New Zealand at least once. If Lord of the Rings/Hobbit doesn’t convince you, perhaps baby seals will.


Summer leads to more Summer

When our two weeks were up, we piled the car high with our ever growing belongings (we took antique blankets from my Grandfather’s stash) and headed across the boarder into Vancouver. We had managed to score amazingly cheap tickets, and it meant a fun day out before we left.

My lil cousin had apparently never ridden a see-saw before.

We went from nice heat that is the end of summer to the still slightly chilly spring weather of Auckland. But to be honest with you, New Zealand is always cold. Forget everything you know about the Northern Hemisphere that the further south you go, the warmer it is. FALSE. Too far south is Antarctica. New Zealand is also NOT Australia. At all. December is summer and hot, and August is freezing cold. The school year starts in Feb and ends in Dec. Although that actually is more logical than the Sept/June thing.

It was good to be back.

Chris’ friend picked us up and gave us a place to stay for a week.

We flew randomly to the South island on a whim interview and ate yummy food.

The ocean is still there, and beautiful

It was cherry blossom season

And butterflies are always magical

Then we needed to make decisions. We set out for Wellington, and again, the kindness of friends is how we survived. Two weeks at their flat, then two more weeks at their parent’s house. And just in the nick of time Chris landed a job, we grabbed a flat.

That is the end of our current bit of travels. It was fast and crazy and I would not do it again, but it seems to have worked out. I have the leisure to write now, so I guess we’ll see what happens next.