Out for the lols

Sometimes, for no reason, I just get sad. I figure this is pretty normal, and especially when I have lots of time on my hands to contemplate my existence. Chris suggested that I missed my family and the day-to-day bustle that I know I’m missing out on by being half way around the world. That is possible.

But he came home yesterday amped about going to a comedy show he’d read about on an obscure website. It took some convincing for me to leave the house, but eventually I did, and it was worth it. It was at the Fringe Bar.

Of course we got there stupidly early, but we got a comfy seat on the couch and proceeded to laugh for the next two hours solidly. I never realized before that Chris liked to analyse comedy. Had it been any form of music, I would have been right there, but unfortunately all I could say was that I loved it. Which is odd since I’ve worked often with ancient comedy. To shock and surprise and push taboos is what I always read about, why did it take me so long to find it interesting in a modern setting?

I was also hit by a revelation when the MC commented that the people backstage were nervous. I wished I could go back and tell them, “don’t worry, I am an easy laugh, and I want to love you.” Thats what I wish people would say to me when I’m on the other side (not the laugh bit, that would upset me since I’m NOT funny). Audience or performer, we are all these separate little entities wrapped up in our own little lives.

We’ll be going there again…maybe next time I’ll keep the camera handy.


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