The Lemonheads in Wellington

One of the reasons Chris and I decided to settle in Wellington was that there were so many more opportunities to go to gigs (whatever bands actually make it out this far). So last night, we went to Chris’ all time favourite band’s show the Lemonheads at a really fun little venue called the Bodega. I’m sorry there are no pictures, I seem to have lost all types of cameras. Chris had seen him twice before, the first time he told me was terrible, and the second time was absolutely amazing, so I wasn’t actually sure what to expect. I only really knew 2 songs (into your arms, and being around), but both of those made the playlist, so I was very pleased.

In Chris’ words, he had a great time hearing the songs and having ‘a bit of a boogie’, and when Evan smiled (although it was rare) it looked like he was having an amazing time. The problem was, all the things I’d read in Amanda Palmer’s book kept bouncing around in my head. He looked quite tired most of the time and the only time he really addressed the audience in terms of a little speech was when he forgot the words to one of his songs. I loved that because I got to see him as human, relating to us other humans in dark, sweaty and slightly stinky floor beneath him. I wanted to know him, why he was here singing to us what motivated him. It is that divide between the famous and the normal. Was he here because he loves playing or he needed the money? I should probably leave such questions unasked. And I think he just had ‘resting grumpy face’ which is totally a thing. I wonder if it is awful to be famous.

I’m glad we went, and I can understand a bit more now why Chris loves the Lemonheads as they have those quirky, random lyrics that keep you on your toes yet still relate to your life. I did, however, find it slightly odd that they played Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana as his entrance song. Chris that I was over-reading into things (he dated Courtney Love who was previously married to Kurt Cobain) but then, I also heard someone in the audience go “waaa :(” (not quite a boo) when the song ended prematurely for the show to start…I’m just hypersensitive.

In other news, while at the gig, Chris commented ‘Wow, I forgot how short you are, how can you see anything.’ Well, the truth is I couldn’t, so we scrunched at the front and it turned out a bit better. Also, the opening band was nice–Brave New Void–who are apparently local so I’m sure we will be seeing lots more of them.


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