Pretending to live in Renton, USA

So as the dust settled, Chris and I slipped seamlessly into family life in my new family home. Sure we were pilled on top of each other like sardines with my parents sleeping in the living room, but it felt exactly like how it should.

We went to the local farmer’s market on the weekend. We went to Costco for bulk buys. We drove absolutely everywhere. I felt truly American.

I even managed to pass my drivers test–100% on the written, and despite my shakes and perspiration I easily passed the driving. I haven’t had one of these suckers since 2007!

We had amazing big family meals every evening, tamales, mole, curry, barbecue and so many others. We sat down and just chowed. I can see why people don’t move far away from family. I can see how special and important that support network is when it is right in front of you instead of on skype.

We did have a few fun day trips, but the best was our picnic adventure to Mt. Rainier. We pack a basket filled with spam onigiri, tuna sandwiches, hummus, apples and other delightful treats. I think picnics are one of my favourite things in the world.

We drove up and up, and had quite a few opportunities for photo shoots.

We ate our lovely picnic in a beautiful, secluded, woodland.

We also walked down to a stunning waterfall.

It was a bit too steep for my grandfather so my mom kept him company up top. It was strange how you could see nothing of the wonder from the top… Can you spot my mom?

Then we found a fun, level trail that we all could walk on–despite being in his late 80s my grandpa walks a ton everyday, and led the group.

We stopped on the way back home duped by false advertising. I hate when signs say nectarines, $1, and then you find out that there is only one tiny bruised nectarine being sold at that price. The real price is a lot higher. But we had stopped, so we bought them anyway–that is how they get you!

This home experience lasted for 2 very short weeks.


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