Running through YellowStone

Everyone told us that we needed to spend at the bare minimum, 3 days in Yellow Stone. There is just so much to see! When I was still in University it was our family plan to do just this, spend a few days seeing it all and enjoying. Then we got a phone call from my sister’s work saying she needed to be back in Missouri for training in two days. Now, in hindsight we should have said, “well, tough luck, she can’t make it”. I think most families would have done that. But not mine. We rushed and sped through Yellow stone, pausing only to watch Old Faithful erupt and then taking turns driving all through the night. She made it to her job, but the training was just your box standard type that she could have skipped. Oh well.

So I wanted to do it RIGHT this time. But, we were under a deadline again. We needed to get to Seattle, and being the height of summer there were also no rooms or campsites available. So we sped through it all again.

We arrived first at Yellow stone Lake, and washed our tired tootsies in the water.

Then we paused for a picnic lunch (since we’d driven 3 hours to get to Yellow stone that morning). I felt very in tune with nature as Chris rinsed out our pita bowels in the fresh river water.

Then it was back in the car. It was at this point that Chris commented on just how crowded and traffic filled this national park was. On the one hand, I felt that was a win for nature. Everyone wants to see it, be one with it, respect it! On the other hand, it totally spoiled the entire point. Far too many tourists. Far too many cameras…

Oh well. Chris’ favourite mud volcanoes. He has promised to take me to some in New Zealand soon.

And of course many waterfalls…

It got to that time of day however, when we realized just how much we were going to miss out on. The biggest regret was that we arrived at Old Faithful just after it had gone off. Chris decided not to wait, and so still hasn’t seen it. He kept promising and telling me how much he wanted to come back (with kids cough, cough), and I reckon we probably will.

We drove another 3 hours after we left, and arrived at our hotel in darkness. We splurged and bought a take out pizza (in which of course Chris met a man married to a Brit and hilarity and conversation ensued). We were a 10 hour drive away from Seattle–and our plan was to do it in one day.

I loved that I didn’t have a license…


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