Black hills and Devils Dash to Wyoming

After Wall Drug, we continued our tourist escapades by driving through the black hills and trying unsuccessfully to dodge the waves of bikers.

There were so many it was impossible to stop and look at Mount Rushmore.

But I leaned out of the car window and snapped one quickly. It was a lot smaller than I thought.

The scenery was great, but we were caught in a torrential down pour. We were thankful then that we were inside a car and not sitting in wet leather.

We then took about a 2 hour detour to look at the Devil’s Tower.

We were up against the clock, so we didn’t get as close as we wanted before turning around and continuing west. The all consuming ‘where shall we sleep tonight’ and ‘how far can we drive’ is such a buzz kill for tourism.

We arrived in a town on the outskirts of yellow stone, Buffalo, got an amazing hotel, and went to an all American stake house–which I’m almost positive I’d eaten at when I was last there. Winchester’s. I ❤ super natural and even though it had nothing to do with the show I sat there like a wierdo fan-girl regardless.


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