The Great White North–in summer time

We continued North and crossed the boarder into Canada the next day. I remember learning while growing up that it was the longest unguarded boarder in the world, but it looked pretty heavily guarded to me. Luckily the entering side was only a 5 min. wait.

Chris got a stamp in his passport and a thorough questioning and off we drove to a small farm cottage. Of course, the silly navi decided to take us on this futuristic toll road which sends you a hefty bill a month after your visit, but that is better than getting lost in unknown territory I guess.

Reunion of friends, and meeting a new husband and baby (and of course doggles).We had all met in New Zealand, all of us doing Masters and it is strange how our lives diverged, but lucky that we could meet up. At this moment I remember distinctly thinking, wow, Chris and I could also have a baby now. If you wait till you are ‘ready’, you’ll never have one–I do believe that. And whatever life happens to throw at you, you will always make it work some how. House size, pay check amount–these things might have the appearance of easing certain situations, but they are not necessary. When I saw the love and passion my friends had, I was refreshed. I try and consider myself a conscious and selective consumer, but there is more to life than that. So Let’s spend time in nature, philosophize how to save the planet and humanity while accomplishing the day-to-day necessities.

We viewed a mini-bad lands.

We walked in the rain of a national park,

but to Chris’ disappointment he did not get to see a salamander. Maybe next time…


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