Up in a prius, down in a barrel

So here was our awesome plan. We would drive my dad’s car–the one he had bought in Seattle and driven across the country alone in 3 days–over a week back to the point of origin. It was to be an adventure, a meeting-up of friends, but also utilitarian. And our first few stops took us north from West Virginia.

As we tried to leave, with a crowd of well-wishers waving, we stopped three times before we turned out of sight check for someone’s open door. It was a bit of a buzz kill, but I had a straw hat, audio book and my man. Also, it was only a short 5 hour drive on a non-major highway through Pennsylvania. There were numbers involved, but I have forgotten them.

We stopped and bought mountain dew, we commented on the different style of wooden barns they have here, and I lazily wondered what it would have been like if we’d been real Americans and married here.

Our destination was my good friend living near Niagara falls. We had wings, pizza, amazing buffalo cheese dip and local beer.

It was the food he’d always talked about and had grown up with. I always am curious what people mean when they ask me “wow, so what was it like to grow up in Japan?” I want to reply “wow, what was it like to grow up in XXX”. Are people that silly? I grew up me, in my place. Its awesome to see other people’s “home” and their comfort food. Finally, my friend was in his element, and I was pleased to see where he was a product of his environment, and where he differed and stood out. This can’t be discussed or revealed in a conversation–you have to visit and observe them. Unless you grew up in Japan with me, or have a time machine, you will never know the answer. But I digress…

He was an excellent tour guide.

We rode the maiden of the mist.

Visited a beautiful church.

Listened to local music.

It was the perfect day and magical in experience. The conversation and catching up was priceless. While I could have happily stayed much longer, we had to leave. But I guess I would recommend not only going up to the tourist trap of the falls, but just whenever you can, visit your friends that have moved away or you from them. And be a tourist in your own city for the lols.


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