Who am I?

Identity is a funny thing. When you stop and think about yourself, what aspects do you choose to help define yourself? Jobs, hobbies, temperament, personality, family relationships, religion, sexual orientation…the list could go on and on. But ARE you any of these things. So we could go with biology…I am a human. That is probably the easiest way to identify myself, and puts me in the same category of everyone else of my species. It makes me feel comfortable, part of some larger whole and most importantly I am not alone.

I am not my job. My job at the moment is unemployed. But that is not me. I will try and repeat that.

It is hilarious how academics love to grapple with ideas of ancient identity and force various ideologies on such humans who are probably just as lost and confused as we are today–especially when I, as a modern individual, have yet to develop a firm one for myself. I think most people, individuals, are searching for their identity. You can’t find it though, because whatever you discover that separates you out, makes you unique, is actually quite terrifying. We vacillate between the group and the one, personally I’ve always preferred the group, which is why I don’t stand out… Or maybe that is just me rambling.

Best scene ever…


2 thoughts on “Who am I?

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