Wedding bells

Before you get married you compare all weddings to either your own personal fantasy or to those you attended. After your wedding, it is always a game of looking back with inevitable comparisons, advise for those in the midst of it and if you self-critical like me, you see all the missed opportunities. Chris’ sister got married in July, and my sister will get married in February so weddings is on the brain. But for now, I want to dive into reminiscing about July.

After wales, we loaded up our tiny little car with not 1, but 2 big tents for a wonderful garden wedding. We drove 1 min. down the road and of course something broke (don’t ask me what), and we were delayed a few hours. As a result my lunch break with a dear friend was cut a little short and I never walked the streets of that wonderful book town that I’d been dreaming about, called Hay-on-Wye. I guess there is always next time.

We arrived and had about a week-worth of helping out. Small trips to the stores to buy out flowers, setting up marques in the garden, creating the perfect mood lighting with candles and just general cleaning. It was relaxing to be involved and not the centre. Weddings=stress in case you didn’t know.

It was a two-day affair and we were completely surrounded by love. A small group of us went to the registry office in downtown Manchester and witnessed their vows, signing of papers and dedication to one another. Chris cried, and he wasn’t the only one.

Back at their house we were greeted by tasty hors d’oeuvres and the perfect garden ambiance. It being almost 4 months ago, and last time that Chris got to see all his family in one happy bunch.

So, I must ask myself, why write about this now? Well, to share pictures, to remember the event, celebrate their love and document my next moves. But is that enough of an agenda? Probably not.


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