When the world stops spinning, go back to where you left off…

I’m not quite sure how travel bloggers do it. In the past couple months I was legitimately homeless, but always sheltered (thank you family and friends). I hated personal questions more than usual because everything was a big question mark. While I still have no idea what I am doing, at least I know where I am. I’m in Wellington. We have rented a small apartment, and Chris is working. Supposedly I am living the dream without a job, but I just feel suffocated by free time.

So, since the world has stopped spinning quite as fast, I figured I should pick up where I left off. Yes it is months late, but if I don’t write, create nothing, it is almost as if nothing happened. And so much did…

When we arrived at the farm in wales it was filled with chickens and geese, dogs and cats and horses (the cows were gone now). I realized that it really is a ‘life style’ and I asked myself if I could do this? Its the constant dirt and mud. It never actually looks as tidy as pinterest would have you believe…But I must confess, the eggs of a goose are the best.



The eggs are stunning. Huge and delicious. But the commitment to get them? Feed and love these loud animals that coat the ground in green. I am tempted. It could be my job, and Chris and I have day dreamed about it. For now, I’ll leave it to his dad to do, but the farm life is in his blood I fear (hope?).


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