Blue Alien Cat

If you were to ask me what 1 super power I wish I had, my answer would be unchanged from when I was about 6 years old and watching Doraemon. I want the power of teleportation; I would settle for a magical door that opened instantly to anywhere. Why? Because then you can always go home, you will never miss anyone or ever have to say goodbye all while experiencing new locations, cultures and most importantly food. 

This is, however, a dream. I am writing this because there is no such thing. It takes a long time to get from point A to B, I have no home, I miss everyone and am now in the middle of goodbyes (again). People ask me if I am excited to travel, but what I feel is more akin to fearful anticipation. I am leaving a great steady job for the unknown.

I waited deliberately to start writing until school was out, but I wrote this first blog entry many times in my head. Sometimes I was positive and loving towards the situation I am leaving behind, and at other times I lashed out. It has been a roller coaster ride of a year, but then my total of 5 years in the UK have all had their ups and downs. This time as I leave behind this country I also leave behind a big part of my own identity which I hope I can regain.

My house is empty, my cat is gone, and all that is left is for Chris and I to hit the road–which incidentally leads me to my point. This blog is to document our travels. A photo dump, an emotional outlet and a way to make those goodbyes seem less permanent. 



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